“The proof is in the pudding” is an ethos used at most Asian weddings. The décor sets the atmosphere but what one eats is the memory that lasts.

Keeping our standards at their highest, we maintain full control of the dishes we create for Asian wedding catering. This is achieved by preparing our dishes in-house. Using chefs of the highest caliber, our staff advocate a superior standard using a discipline adopted only by the best. Our chefs can win over the most selective of palates. Having already catered for a wide variety of functions, we are astute in catering for both religious and ethnic cuisines. From the most intimate dinner for a small group, to a majestic banquet, we can cater for up to 3000 people.

Our dishes will be presented in a fashion that is both pleasing to the eye, and leave you appreciative of the attention to detail given to each plate. Having all of the cooking done onsite, using only the freshest ingredients, our full spec industrial kitchen is essentially a think-tank to create and prepare the dishes of your choosing. With a 5-star food hygiene rating, our naans are freshly baked in our on-site purpose built ovens before serving, perfectly crafted curries prepared moments before being brought to the table for your indulgence.

The same kitchen, can also be utilised outdoors for live-barbeques, why not watch your dishes being prepared? Our live-cooking theme is a treat for all your senses. Adding that extra flare of a roaring flame, you can customize dishes to how you want them if what you read on the menu card doesn’t quite tickle your fancy.

To compliment the starter and main dishes, your palates will experience further delight with our dessert dishes that will leave your guests wanting more. Traditional Asian dessert dishes are always to be expected, but our aim is to pleasantly surprise. Like our live cooking, you can also watch the intricate designs of jalebis being made fresh from our deep-frying woks. Continental desserts will also compliment traditional Asian desserts. From fresh cream cakes to crème brulees, we cater for everyone.





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