Parties & Events

Parties & Events

Our reputation has gained more and more traction after each event that we present. Catering primarily for Asian weddings as private functions, our core skills in event management, tactfully maintain consistent control over culturally demanding events. This has given Zinc an abundance of valuable organizational acumen and experience to expand beyond the scope of wedding events.

Corporate Event Management allows us to tailor your needs to a specific purpose. Zinc is all too aware of how a brand needs to be promoted and the image of your business is as important as its success.

Our event managers have a wealth of knowledge and fully take charge as if it were their own. The small stresses building up to the bigger picture will be taken upon themselves so that you may enjoy your day to the fullest.

Our events are a visual guarantee that we can cater to all clientele. From dietary requirements to religious motifs, we are able to fulfill the needs of all cultures and accurately reflect the beliefs of all communities.

Our standards are the epitome of what makes the greatest event.




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